Miami Roof Repairs

Every building has a roof. Maintaining that roof is one of the most important parts of sustaining the integrity of a built structure. Over time, your home, rental property, or commercial building can sustain roof damage from fallen tree limbs, mold and moisture-related issues, the presence of vermin, the general age of the building, and weather events. It’s important to take care of roof damage immediately, as these problems become exacerbated and more costly to deal with over time.

Common Problems Associated with Roof Damage

Roofers are able to tackle a host of repair problems. The kinds of problems that building owners experience depend on the climate and other risk factors of the region. In South Florida, common roof damage problems include leaks, hurricane and heavy rain damage, and mold and rot.

Leaks in Roofs

The effects of this problem can be observed from the inside or the outside of a home. Discoloration of ceilings is one way to tell that you’re dealing with a leak. Though in lower stories, a leak may be associated with a plumbing problem, you need to take the potential existence of a leaky roof into account. The only way to get more information and a clear picture is by physically examining the layers and even removing pieces of roofing.

Weather Damage

In South Florida, we luckily don’t have to deal with snow and ice dams, but we are at risk for other kinds of weather-related problems. In a severe weather event, the wind can tear off part or all of your roofing. Rain can overwhelm your downspouts, causing flooding. If your roof has a leak, intense rain puts your building at risk for all sorts of problems.

Mold and Rot

Mold is everywhere in South Florida, even in our homes. If a mold problem in a roof gets bad enough, though, the mold can eat through wood and other materials and cause serious problems. Mold and rot affect the integrity of the building, but if these spores make their way into your home, they can also have an impact on your health.

The Importance of a Sound Roof

Those who live in South Florida are experts in dealing with weather events. Even if we don’t experience a hurricane, we know that every year brings intense downpours. Our tropical environment is one of the things many of us love best about living here, but it’s important to take the proper precautions and perform building maintenance and repairs regularly.

Is There a Way to Prevent the Need for Roof Repairs?

Though there are certain roof shapes and materials that tend to sustain the least damage in a hurricane, any building may be damaged if the force of the winds and rains are great enough. Aside from weather events, building materials simply wear down over time. Roofs are meant to be replaced periodically in the life of a building, but you can extend the life of your entire roof if you repair small amounts of damage. Typically, if the damage constitutes 25% or less of the surface of the roof, you will not need to replace it, but if the damage constitutes more surface area than that, you may be looking at a full replacement. The moral of this story: don’t let your roof damage build up!

Who Does the Best Roof Repair in South Florida?

We help home and business owners like you maintain their roofs in Miami-Dade County. As a full-service roofing repair provider, we fix, seal, coat, and paint roofs. We know South Florida has harsh weather patterns. That is why we help you invest in your home and business. We know that your building is worth little if it does not have a sound roof.

You can improve the value of any building by coating, sealing, and painting the roof with the help of the best Miami roofing company. Our goal is to provide you with professional advice and quality roof repair work. It’s important to us that your roof is sound and secure. Looking for a professional roofer in South Florida? Call K&S Roof Repairs and Maintenance: Miami-Dade’s Top Roofing Repair Service: (305) 310-4574.

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